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          Work + learn

          At SFU, there are lots of ways to gain practical work experience—and a paycheque—while you study.

          Work Integrated Learning

          Start here for information about career planning and experiential learning programs at SFU.


          Explore part-time, on-campus jobs for full-time students.

          International co-operative education

          See the world with a work-abroad term.

          Teaching assistantships / tutor-markers

          Assist course instructors with weekly tutorials, marking, and student support.

          Recreation leader

          Find employment, volunteer and leadership opportunities through SFU Recreation.

          Human Resources temporary pool

          Find short-term clerical, secretarial and technical jobs at SFU.

          Co-operative education

          The Co-op program alternates study semesters with paid, resume-boosting work terms.

          To develop your personal leadership skills, see Leadership + development

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